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Join the success of the European health and fitness franchise with a low-cost business opportunity in your country with a “European Boutique Studio” well branded concept that is determined to be the world’s best provider of fitness for women with nutrition for real weight loss results.

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30 Minutes Women Only European Fitness

icone_1Grab one of our low-cost business opportunities for your country with a “European Boutique Studio” well branded concept that is determined to be the world’s best provider of health and fitness franchises for women with nutrition for real weight loss results. The Fitness Franchise and the weight loss industry are experiencing rapid growth internationally, providing international health franchise opportunities. Read more.


Vivafit Nutrition - Vivafit Is The Worldwide Reference In Fitness & Nutricion Market

Based on a well-balanced and healthy diet specifically the Mediterranean diet, icon_3recognized by UNESCO for it´s importance as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
Offers long lasting results to lose and maintain weight.
Technically and methodologically developed by one of the most recognized Portuguese nutritionists, with a strong scientific nature. It has a deep concern to be user friendly, quick and results oriented. Read more.

Vivafit Fitness - Vivafit Is The Most Healthy, Well-balanced And Trendy Weight Loss Solution

Vivafit is a fitness franchise business founded in 2002 in Portugal, which has grown to be a key player in the Portuguese market, and is currently operating in 8 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. In a Vivafit gym you will find different types of workouts like Zumba, Pilates, Body Balance, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Personal Training.