Women-Only Fitness Centers


- Company founded by Connie and
  Pedro Ruiz, President and CEO.
- First Franchise unit opened
  in December.
- First gym opened in January with
  express circuit system and then:
      -introduced pilates
      -members of IRHSA.
- The "Portuguese Franchise
  Institute" awards Vivafit the
  quickest growth franchise
  in Portugal.
- Launch of Body Balance 30 minutes
  as pilot with Les Mills.
  Manz Career award. (Manz.pt).
- First Master Franchise opens in
  New Delhi, India.
- Vivafit launched nutricion and 
  coaching program.
- Second Master Franchise signed with
- Third Master Franchise signed with
- Opening of the 3rd, 4th, 5th Vivafits
  in India.
- 4th Opening in Singapore.
- Master Franchise contracts signed
  for Abu Dhabi and Oman.
- Opening of Vivafit Dubai,
  Vivafit Atyrau (Kazakhstan),
  Vivafit Pune,
  Vivafit Al Khoud (Muscat).
- Vivafit creates Personal20
  Electro Fitness Franchise
- Vivafit Event "Do you hear
that Vivafit is different?"
- Launch of the second
exclusive Vivafit Class,
Burn it Women.
- Network grew to 80% market share
  in Portugal.
- Connie and Pedro won the European
  Leader Award from IRHSA.
- Launched Body Balanced 30 min
  another pilot with Les Mills.
-Vivafit launches Online Class
- Fourth Master Franchise openings
  in India, Bangalore.
  Vivafit CEO wins the Entrepeneur of
  the year Award.
- Opening 4 more Vivafits in India
  (9 in total).
- Master Franchise contracts for
  Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.
- Two More Franchise contracts en India.
- Openings in Abu Dhabi, Oman, 
  Singapore, Spain and Indonesia.
- Launching of App for online booking.
  Master Franchise contract signed
  for Taiwan.
- Signature of a franchise
contract with Saudi Arabia
and Pakistan.
- Launch of the
new and exclusive class,
SBarre – Shape it.



To sustain profitable growth by being the worldwide women only fitness and nutrition leader in each market
we serve.
We will achieve the leadership position creating a healthier and fashionable lifestyle.
Wherever we are, Vivafit will always be a women´s first choice!



Vivafit is the Portuguese market leader in women only fitness, operating in 7 countries and 3 continents.

Our aim is to be the worldwide reference in the women only fitness & nutrition market
striving to help women to be healthy, feel great and enjoy life.

Be the reference means to create value and make the difference, providing outstanding group fitness classes and nutrition programs, that meet the specific needs and desires of each member and great customer service at affordable prices.

Both, our franchisees and ourselves recognize that sustainable profitability is key to our future success; we work hard faster, simpler and together with all our partners, franchisees and suppliers, to maximize profit toward a sustainable future.
Our team is highly committed to the highest ethical standards, excellence, respect, and integrity in our relationships with members, franchisees, suppliers and shareholders. Pride and energy drive the Vivafit team to achieve a worldwide leadership position.

Our Offer


Group Classes


Burn it Women
It's a 30-minute class designed to respond to women’s direct needs helping with muscle toning and weight loss. Inspired by the new High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) interval training sessions, BURN IT uses body weight or equipment such as elastics, dumbbells, kettlebells. The BURN IT comes in two formats, Burn It Strength and Burn It Cardio (HIIT), two separate 30-minute classes: Strength Training, where the legs, buttocks and abdominal area are exercised, and Cardiovascular Training where Exercised the whole trunk, namely the lombar, abdominal and arms.

Health Benefits

Weight-loss | Tone

300 calories



SBarre Shape it
Have a ballet fitness workout that blend fitness training, core condition, into a dynamic class. Our fat burning, muscle sculpting, stress relieving workouts will reshape you into a ballerina body.

Health Benefits

Tone | Improved Posture

300 calories


Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion
An exclusive Vivafit class, inspired by modalities such as Pilates and Yoga training methods, in YOGA FUSION classes will be able to work the feminine fitness by maintaining an elegant body and a correct posture in harmony with the mind.

Health Benefits


200 calories


Lesmills Tone

Works the whole body
Developed by the world's leader in group fitness systems Tone aims to rejuvenate and Instill joy.
Low impact aerobic and resistance exercise for developing strength, stability and cardiovascular health.

Health Benefits

Weight-loss | Tonification

350 calories



A dance floor
Consists in the pratice of simple yet challenging motions. It is the right program to stay in shape and bring out the star in you. Dancing to latin music and rhythms, Sh'bam.

Health Benefits

Weight-loss | Resistance

300 calories



Strengthening body core
This is the right training for every woman - regardless of her age, lifestyle or physical condition.
It is a programme conceived to make the body stronger and structurally more efficient. It focuses on strengthning core muscles - the muscles surrounding and supporting the torso. It is the solution backbone and posture problems.

Health Benefits

Flexibility | Posture control

240 calories





And Follow Up Plan

Follow up and support expertise

Qualified professional fully dedicated

In Vivafit you are always de one and only
Vivafit offers all nutricion and physical tecnical support and each member is treated as a friend.

We work harder!




VivaFit has innovated creating a new service which seeks to change habits, eating behaviors and lifestyles that foster the maintenance of a healthy weight, real and safe.

One of a kind within the gyms, the new service seeks to motivate women to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through exercise and food habits that are adequate and balanced.
Each VivaFit member gets an assisted clinical nutrition plan designed specifically for her that includes nutrition consultations, online nutrition platform and even physical exercise and coaching, so that each one actually achieves what they desire.
The program includes nutritional consultations in person to assess the risk profile and to define a diet, objectives and tasks plan. The digital platform www.myVivaFit.com enables members to conduct personal consultations and receive nutritional counseling, given by the nutritionist who is working at the time.
VivaFit, is the market leader, thus seeks to grow in a competitive market.
VivaFit is a Portuguese brand, leader in women's gyms offering a new service focused on the results of the customers, adaptable to the needs and limitations of each woman.