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  • Our main service delivery is group fitness with 2 studios offering excellent results focused classes that are accompanied by a personal nutritionist service.
  • Our core group fitness service specialization consists Les Mills group classes of Body Vive, Body Balance and Sh´bam; Pilates and circuit machines classes. 
  • Our personal nutritionist service provides members with a personalized eating plan and weekly accompaniment of lifestyle issues that are to helping members understand why their eating and stress is interfering with achieving their weight goals.
  • Premium Vivafits also offer  personal training.

We retain our clients through their use of the gym and, as a consequence, because they are achieving results. With the Group classes we have created new and more opportunities for greater use of the gym as well as attracting a larger section of the market to the health club.

We measure our results through performance indicators, to ensure the quality of our services and the healthy development of the business, seeking to maximize the number of practitioners of group classes at the Centre, measuring the number of existing classes and their attendance as a percentage of the maximum capacity of each class studio.

Our Mission must always be present - to create the habit of exercise and healthy eating in our members - to achieve this we must be highly focused on the quality of the offer of services of the Vivafit brand, achieving excellence in these services! This is the only that we will be viewed as leaders!

The credibility that comes from being the best and most professional in the business, will bring us many benefits and advantages; not only from customers but also from other professionals related to the health and wellness industry.

The advantages of the programs we offer for our business are doubly recognized: the offer of a different service to our clients, with effects in terms of utilization / retention and the financial return so derived, with the enrolment of Vivafit Gold members.

Pilates was, from the beginning, the program that has been best identified with the Vivafit brand and with the profile of our Members. It provides an excellent complement to the Circuit training and is also a class which is accessible to the majority of the population.

BodyVive enabled innovation of the Vivafit brand in January 2009 with the implementation of a group class from “Les Mills” (the world leader in group programs) offering our clients greater variety in the training offered.

In 2010, by introducing to our franchise network an additional "Les Mills" program - Body Balance - we have taken another step towards offering our Members variety in training while maintaining our original concept of fast, simple and fun workouts!