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18% fitness consumer penetration in the USA

68% American population overweight

35% world-wide population overweight

80% of women join a gym to lose weight


Vivafit Nutrition


VivaFit has innovated creating a new service which seeks to change habits, eating behaviors and lifestyles that foster the maintenance of a healthy weight, real and safe.
One of a kind within the gyms, the new service seeks to motivate women to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through exercise and food habits that are adequate and balanced.
Each VivaFit member gets an assisted clinical nutrition plan designed specifically for her that includes nutrition consultations, online nutrition platform and even physical exercise and coaching, so that each one actually achieves what they desire.
The program includes nutritional consultations in person to assess the risk profile and to define a diet, objectives and tasks plan. The digital platform www.myVivaFit.com enables members to conduct personal consultations and receive nutritional counseling, given by the nutritionist who is working at the time.
VivaFit, is the market leader, thus seeks to grow in a competitive market.
VivaFit is a Portuguese brand, leader in women's gyms offering a new service focused on the results of the customers, adaptable to the needs and limitations of each woman.

Nutrition Plan

Personalized nutrition program

Face to face nutricion consultations

Weekly follow up and tasks


All women know the difficulty to put in place an effectivce plan of nutrition adjusted to their specific needs

Vivafit Nutrition Philosophy

Based on a well-balanced and healthy diet specifically the Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO for it´s importance as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Offers long lasting results to lose and maintain weight. Technically and methodologically developed by one of the most recognized Portuguese nutritionists, with a strong scientific nature. It has a deep concern to be user friendly, quick and results oriented.

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