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CARLA FELIX (Carregado)

I lost 53kgs and 91cm around my waist trainning in Vivafit Carregado (Portugal), following Vivafit nutrition platform and consultations.


Vivafit Fitness Testimonials - Ana Paula Pinto

1. Better health, better well-being, better mood and everything! 
2. She lost 19.5 kgs, 84cms, 7% fat
3. From the Pilates classes what she most felt was that her tummy and her back were stronger and she started to take more care of her posture 
4. She likes EVERYTHING at Vivafit


1. She gained more strength, better mobility and physical well-being. She feels far less pain in her body, especially in the neck. For this reason, she goes to Vivafit every day.
2. She lost 3 Kgs and 21 cms
3. At Vivafit, she likes the atmosphere, the 30-minute workout, the fact that it is close to her house and the kindness of the trainers.


Vivafit Fitness Testimonials - Ema Carlos

1. She has a better mood and better well-being.
2. She lost 14kgs.
3. From the Pilates classes she got better posture, more tranquility and better mobility.
4. What she likes best at Vivafit is that it is a fast and efficient workout and the atmosphere is relaxed and good-humoured. Here she works out a lot but not under pressure.


1. Since she started at Vivafit, she feels lighter, more inclined towards physical exercise, and even towards life in general. 
2. She has already lost 2 kgs and 16cms
3. At Vivafit, she likes the kindness, the socialising and the happiness of the workouts.


Vivafit Fitness Testimonials - Isabel Esteves

1. She lost weight and volume (cms). She is more active, more “flexible” and has better muscular strength. Suffering from fibromyalgia aggravated by a deep depression, my daily life before Vivafit was permanent suffering. When I started to work out I didn’t move much. Now, 18 months later, with the great help of the workout programme and the permanent incentive of the monitors, I can already move with much more facility. And also – I lost 26kgs and 78cms! My Self-Esteem shot up!
2. She lost 26kgs and 78cms.
3. Pilates gave her a better posture.
4. What she likes: the short workout programme – 30 minutes. – and varied. The exercises are easy and are adapted to our level of difficulty. The monitors are all “sweethearts” and are always there to encourage us to continue. The workout schedule can be what suits us best; after all, between 9am and 8pm it is not difficult to arrange 30 minutes to improve our resistance, Self-Esteem, energy and well-being – the main mottos of “our” Vivafit!


1. Since she started at Vivafit, she is slimmer and all of her daily movements are easier. 
2. She has already lost 4kgs, 21.5cms and 4% fatty mass
3. With the Pilates classes, she feels more calm, relaxed and concentrated. She manages to do broader movements and feels that she has better mobility. Her daily posture has improved a lot. 
4. What she likes about Vivafit is the socialising and the nice atmosphere that she experiences at the centre. … a good daily therapy.


Vivafit Fitness Testimonials - Mónica Godinho

1. At Vivafit, she gained more energy, greater flexibility and resistance. Doing physical exercise has become indispensable. 
2. With the Pilates classes she gained a better posture and more defined abdominals. She feels more relaxed. 
3. She likes the relaxed atmosphere and the encouragement of the monitors. And also the personalised training schedule.


1. Since she has been here she feels lighter, a little slimmer and better in herself. She has managed to better control her diabetes and cholesterol.
2. She lost 6kgs, 25cms 
3. Pilates gave her a more toned tummy and more correct posture
4. She likes the socialising among the ladies, which is quite pleasant at Vivafit.